Dear friend,

The Crash Course on Creativity that I told you about here has been such a positive and exciting experience so far. One of my favorite parts has been forming our team and figuring out how to manage it.

We grew up to 27 members, which is a large number. The ideal group has 3 to 5 members. But I decided to take this as a challenge and as a way to come up with creative solutions. This course is after all about creativity.

The solution was to create 4 sub-groups, each one represented by a leader.

In the picture below you can see a map that I created to facilitate the visualisation of our team as a whole ↓


As you can see we have a wonderfully diverse group. Each member is unique. Here you see another map that shows some statistics↓

statistics maps for journal


And here is a map that represents our strategic structure. This is how we’re going to operate starting today, which is the day when we get our first team assignment. The first 2 assignments were individual.

team strategic structure

I have gotten lots of insights from this course so far. This is my first MOOC experience. One day I will launch a small version of this learning system here at Art is a Way. I believe that collaboration is important for creative people. It helps you grow, it takes you out of your isolation and it pushes you to think outside the box. Stay tuned! It is going to be lots of fun.

Happy Monday!

Elsita 🙂



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