Dear friends and family,

I’m excited to report that my experience at the MoMA Design Store on the weekend exceeded my expectations. I want to send a big THANK YOU to every person who came over to say hi and spend time talking with me. Double thanks to those of you who came from far away, specially Donna Bridy who took a bus all the way from Philadelphia with her husband Joe, and Allison Lee from Craftcast who also came from far away. Thanks a million to Buddy N. Lmt who brought a thermos with the most delicious tea. He gave me the recipe and I’m looking forward to making it here at home. Thanks to Kevin Tent who treated me to a delicious sandwich for lunch on Sunday. Kevin has been Bill’s friend for a long time. He is an Academy Award-nominated American film editor and director. Kevin, I loved talking with you! Thanks also to the MoMA store crew. They were all so attentive and kind and friendly.

closeup s

One thing that made me very happy before I even entered the MoMA Design Store was seeing the snowflakes designed by truly yours to decorate the windows. I worked on this with Joshua Casey, who is the Visual Merchandising Manager for MoMA. Great job, Joshua! I loved seeing the final installation. These photos of me in front of the store were taken by Mark Friedberg. You will see Mark later with his wife Lydia. One of those photos is me trying to look very important. I need to take some acting classes. 😮

4 elsas small

Below is a better view of the snowflakes. They were laser cut somewhere in NYC.

snowflakes small

Here I am on Saturday. They created a little sign at the store to explain why I was there, so people could quickly know that the lady with the x-Acto knife meant no harm. 🙂

elsa with visitors 2

I’m in action here. On my left side is Buddy, who as I mentioned before, brought the most delicious tea, perfect for the cold weather. He is a professional massage therapist and an artist at heart. Buddy, I really had a wonderful time talking with you. Thanks a lot for coming over and for bringing your friend as well. In front of me is Anna (did I spell your name right?). I loved talking with you, Anna.

elsa with visitors

Thanks a lot to every one in this picture and to the other visitors that you can’t see in this picture. You all made of this event a success. In this picture I named Buddy my personal assistant for the day and he was saying thank you.

elsa with visitors 4

Here you see Karen Hernandez taking a picture of a tiny papercut with her cell. Karen was the person who contacted me with the invitation to submit a Holiday card design for MoMA in 2013. That first card is available now. I designed a second one, which will be available in 2015. She also had the idea for this event. I am eternally grateful to her for it. The little girl with the beautiful blond hair is Karen’s daughter. The other 2 beautiful young women were a real pleasure to have at the event.

With karen

This is our beloved friend Jill who came all the way from Pennsylvania to welcome us into her beautiful apartment on Gramercy Park, where we stayed on Saturday night. Jill and I spent hours at her place exchanging ideas and making plans. Jill is my partner in crime regarding some great adventures that I will share with you in the future. She is a wonderful multimedia artist and writer, and her husband is the incredible Stephen McDonnell, CEO and founder of Applegate.

Elsa and Jill small

This is one of my favorite creative couples ever and our personal friends. Lydia Dean Pilcher and Mark Friedberg. Lydia is a film and television producer, and founder of Cine Mosaic, a production company based in New York City. I highly recommend her documentary Cutie and The Boxer, directed by Zachary Heinzerling. It is a love story that explores the chaotic 40-year marriage of famed boxing painter Ushio Shinohara and his wife. You will love it. It won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. She is currently developing a wonderful project around another great true story. Lupita Nyong’o will play the main character. Mark on the other side is a creative genius. He is a production designer known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , IdentityNoah, and many other films. Mark has the best sense of humor ever. Diego adores him and they have a wonderful connection because Mark is a kid at heart. I think that Diego wants to be like Mark when he grows up.


Here we have Cole and Ruby. They are the super talented children of our friends Peter Hannan and Dru Hardy.  Multi-talented Peter is a television producer, writer, and singer-songwriter. He is the creator of CatDog and Dru is a visual artist and art teacher. I was so excited to see Cole and Ruby at the MoMA store. Thanks a lot for coming! What a great time I had talking with them. They are both smart, creative, and friendly, just like their parents. I connected Cole with an amazing italian singer who lives between NYC and Rome. She’s well-known in Italy and is interested in Cole working on some of her music videos. The next time we’re in NYC we’re all going to get together. There is nothing that I enjoy more than connecting like-minded creative people. It gives me great joy.

Cole and Ruby

These 2 little ones are mine! Natalie and Diego having fun. They were photographed by Diego’s hero Mark Friedberg who came out with the idea of them jumping in front of the MoMA window.

natalie and diego

Here is a photo with my sweet boy who deserves a gold medal for good behavior. Diego was amazing during the whole time in NYC. So was Natalie.

mama's boy

After her experience as a portrait photographer,  Natalie decided to be in charge of the camera at the event. Many of the pictures on this post were taken by her. I am so proud of you, Natalie! Below is a portrait of her that I took at our friend’s house. She is growing so fast! Physically and intellectually.

Natalie window

Here you see Joseph Haddad and his wonderful wife who I adore. She and I had a wonderful conversation at the store that we both decided needs to be continued next time when I’m in NYC. Joseph is an extraordinary person. He is a prominent Physician, rated one of New York Magazine’s best Doctors, but he is also a writer. Bill is working with him on some exciting project that I can’t wait to share with you in the future.

Elsa and physician and wife

I wish that I had pictures of all the special old and new friends that came on the weekend, but it was hard to catch up with everything. I want to mention Mark Levinson and his wife. We had such a great time talking about different things. Mark is a remarkable American film director, but he also earned his PhD in Physics in 1983 at the University of California, Berkeley. He directed the 2013 documentary Particle Fever. It is one of my favorite documentaries ever. You should watch it when you have a chance. It is fascinating.

shadow box small

I also want to mention our friends Greg Arnold and Mona. They are the couple on the left in this picture. Greg went to school with Bill many years ago. They got disconnected for a long period of time, and then got to reconnect recently when Greg went to the screening of a film produced by Bill. Greg didn’t know that Bill was involved with the film. Imagine how excited they were to see each other at the event. I am so happy that they reconnected. I love, love, love spending time with Greg and Mona.  They stayed at our rented farmhouse on a weekend recently and it was a great experience. Greg is a super talented composer and a music producer and Mona is involved in the world of art auctions.

closeup s

The piece that I created for the store was appreciated by children and adults. It was fun seeing everyone enjoy the miniatures. I had the privilege to met with some unique and super creative children. I will never forget the 2 sisters that wouldn’t let me go home on Saturday night after the event was finished. I decided to stay longer so we could cut some tiny snowflakes and other small things. Their father was so nice and patient.  I want to thank all the parents that brought their children to the event. Your children were the cherry on top. 🙂 Karen from the MoMA and I were talking about organizing paper cutting workshops in the future. Stay tuned! The paper fun will continue.

2 closeup s

This paper piece titled Winter Wonderland is going to stay on display at the MoMA Design Store until the end of the year. The store is located on 81 Spring St, New York, NY 10012. Phone: (646) 613-1367 At the store there are also lots of beautiful cards designed by different artists. I have a collection with many  of them.

Now I say good-bye. I hope that you enjoyed this report.

Have a wonderful day!


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