I promised to let you know about the progress of the books that I was designing covers for.

Book 6 copy

Today I’m excited to announce the birth of one of them titled:  PAPER CUTTING. Contemporary Artists. Timeless Craft. I’m honored to be also in the content of this book, accompanied by a group of my favorite paper artists from all over the world.

Book 5 copy

Matthew Sporzynski.

This is a book for anybody who loves paper. You will find lots of color photographs with different approaches to paper by several artists.

Book 3 copy

Matthew Sporzynski.

I wish that I had this book back when I was a beginner and was searching for visual inspiration. This is not a how-to book but it will give you ideas of what you can do with paper.  I scanned the page the list of artists:

Book artist's list

Book 4 copy

Su Blackwell.

I want to thank Chronicle Books for making this book possible. Special thanks to visionary Laura Heyenga for all the hard work. Thanks  to Rob Ryan for the beautiful preface (he’s a real poet) and to Natalie Avella for the thoughtful  introduction.

Book 9

Mia Pearlman.

Big thanks to each one of the artists that contributed to the book with their  photographs. And thanks to Brooke Johnson for the easy communication, attention to detail and hard work in the process of making sure that this book was a special one.

Book 7

 Elsa Mora (me)

Book 8

Peter Callesen.

The designers River Jukes-Hudson and Matthew Boyd have also a huge part in this group effort, thanks a lot for the good work and long hours spent designing this book.

I hope that you enjoy it!


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