2 books

The first thing that I did yesterday was to get a couple of blank books for documenting my work on this project (I personalized the covers). The bigger book will contain most of the visual part and the little one is more for writing. That’s one of my favorite things to do whenever I start a new creative adventure. It’s good to document your creative process because it will show you interesting aspects about yourself over the years. Sometimes you’re your best teacher. There aren’t better lessons than the ones you learn from your own experiences. These books will register everything that I will go through while working on this project, with a focus on the things that I will find more helpful to remember in the future.

X-Acto blades

Here are some of my “weapons” 😮 from the art store as well. Two boxes of #11 extra sharp X-Acto blades. Each box has 15 blades, but I will be using about a hundred of them of maybe more.

Animals small

But before I even start thinking about cutting anything I first need to get into character. When you do illustration, the first thing is to get into the mood of representing the characters that you will be illustrating. Here I have a really fun job to do, it’s similar to the job of an actor. My characters so far are: a fox, a stork, a grasshopper, an ant, a crow, a hare, a tortoise, a frog, an ox, two rats, a lion… and maybe a wolf and a dog.

From the animals that I have so far my favorite are: The hare, the fox, the stork and the grasshopper. The most challenging one so far is the ox. The rest are in the middle. But in the end each one is important.

 smallThe Fox and the Crow

The question now is: Should they appear all dressed up? Or naked as they came into the world? In the first sample that I created for my editor to get the feeling of what I had in mind (picture above) I represented the fox dressed up and the crow wearing only his natural feathers. I tend to prefer the idea of them being all dressed up. Going back to the time when I was a little girl I remember loving seeing pictures of animals dressing like people. What do you think? That is a creative decision that I have to make. Today I will spend a big deal of time studying my characters formally. Tomorrow I will share my favorite source of visual reference. It is one of those “tools” that I highly recommend to any creative person  🙂

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