First of all, let me tell you that I had lots of fun reading your comments from the last post :). Yay!! Thanks a million for talking with me, it really keeps me energized during this process. That’s something I miss from the time when I was living in Cuba, specially in Camaguey, before I moved to Havana. I lived in a tiny place that was open to everyone for visits. Different friends (Julito, Omar,…I miss you guys!) stopped over at different times during the week to see what I was working on, I always had something going on. When they arrived I kept working but that didn’t bother them at all. We talked anyway, I really loved having their company. It was entertaining for them and energizing for me. By sharing my creative process here on my blog I feel exactly the same way. Anything we do is a lot more fun when we share it with others. Like for example, eating a big cake on your birthday 🙂 Doing it by yourself is not as fun.

Fox 1 on dark background small

I have been cutting and cutting and cutting without stop. I had to stop right now because my right hand and arm in general are asking for a serious cutting break. I must listen to my body otherwise I will get hurt and that’s not in my plans. I will take the kids to the park and then we will have lunch somewhere close to the park. Bill is working and the kids are in spring break, no school. This is the kind of situation when I really need to find some balance in order to take care of everything and everybody in harmony. So far so good 🙂

Flores small 1

These little flowers will appear in the final Fox and the Crow illustration. They’re going to be quiet secondary actors on the background. But they love their modest role in the story. Those tiny roles are very important to me because without them the play wouldn’t be complete.

Theater 1 small

Here is a little sneak peek of The Fox and the Crow theater. I am really loving it. I’s taking a lot of work but I do each cut with love, because I know that that love is going to come out in the book somehow. I want the children and adults that will own a copy of this book in the future to feel lots of good energy coming out from it.

Now I am going to take the kids to the park if you don’t mind. But I will be back to action in several hours later today, when my right hand is ready. If everything goes as planned I will be able to show you the whole finished The Fox and Crow illustration tomorrow. I can’t wait!.

Thanks again for visiting!

Elsita 🙂

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