I spent infinite hours cutting this theater frame test. I normally cut a piece over a long period of time so I can take breaks (right hand breaks) and come back to it later. But now I need to work several hours in a row, otherwise this book would take too long to finish.

In this test each color is a separate piece of papercut. I really wanted to start getting a feeling about the kind of stage where my characters are going to be acting. What you see here is not what the final kind of theater at all, but it really helps me get on the road to the right place.

Theater 2

Mr. Fox volunteered for testing, but he’s super picky and opinionated. I don’t think that he was totally convinced about the feeling of this stage. He was very helpful though :). On behalf of the group of animal actors the he represents he gave me a couple of opinions that I so much appreciate. You need to listen to the team, this is a team work.

Fox testing small

Fox talking copy small

Don’t worry Mr. Fox, President of the Animal Actors Union. I promise to deliver a beautiful theater stage that you and your fellows will be proud of 🙂

For the tests I have been using some papers from my studio, but the next thing to do (one of my favorite activities ever!) is to go paper shopping. I wouldn’t change paper shopping for Mall shopping. I get euphoric when it’s time to buy new papers, in all its delicious colors. Tomorrow I will give you more details about it :).

Have a wonderful Saturday my friend!

Elsita 🙂

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