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I went the art store early when the place was almost empty so I could have a more quiet shopping experience. I got large sheets of paper in 37 different colors. Below are almost all the colors that I got. They are amazingly beautiful in person with subtle textures and incredible pastel antique-looking tones.

Paper beads copy

The first thing that I do when I get new papers is to make “beads” with them. I cut one circle per color and then I open a hole in each circle. Then I write the information about the paper on the back in case I need more of it in the future. What I write is the name of the brand, the name of the color and the number of item.

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Then I make a necklace with the beads. I wear the necklace while I make decisions about color combinations. It’s a very practical and fun way to work on the color selection. I feel like a scientist doing some serious job 🙂

I got papers from 3 different brands: Canon, Fabriano and Canford. Most of them are 160 GMS, only a few are a little bit heavier. I love all the three brands, they all make top-quality papers (acid-free).

I have been extremely excited working on my first final fox character, the one that goes with the crow. The second fox will have a stork as a partner. Creatively talking, after reading your feedback and thinking about how to represent the characters; naked or dressed, I realized that the most important thing in the end is to be playful and creative and have fun because this is a book for children and children love anything that celebrates imagination. Natalie confirmed this idea, I had a little interview with her. I love having Natalie as a creative advisor, children are so honest, transparent and uncomplicated when you ask them for advice.

Planning 1 small

Natalie thinks that the animals in my book will be a lot more fun wearing clothes. I can’t even tell you how much fun I’m going to have making tiny costumes. The costumes will make the pages of the book a lot more fun to look at. Natalie and I also talked about school plays and how children sometimes represent animals using masks, fake tales, feathers and other creative elements.

When I was in the fourth grade a played a bee. That’s one of my most fun memories that I have as a child. Getting all dressed as a bee was such a big event. I remember that I didn’t sleep the night before the play because I was so excited!

Did you ever represent any animals as a child? In a school play or a similar event? I would love to hear from you about this!

Happy Sunday!

Elsita 🙂

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