The last illustration for the book is finished!!!!


The Dog and the Wolf Fondo small

The Dog and the Wolf small

Illustration number 8 has been finished right on time to celebrate Natalie’s 8th birthday. Today is my girl’s birthday and I’m so happy and so proud to be her Mom. All the original illustrations from the book are my special gift to her. Do you see the little flower right next to the dog’s hand up there in the illustration? Natalie cut the yellow part 🙂

Natalie the paper cutter small

As I mentioned before I wanted her to cut a tiny little piece for this book to create a special memory for the future.

We’re so happy that the illustrations are going to stay in the family. Something nice about it is that (with Natalie’s permission, she loves the idea) we can frame them and organize a show in the future when the book is already in print. I think that it would be special for children and adults to see the originals. We just need to find the right place for such event. But there is plenty of time to think about that 🙂

Right now, there is still something important to work on: the cover!!

Happy Birthday Natalie!!

And let’s all have a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂

(Just an interesting little detail: if you look at Natalie’s hands carefully you will notice how skilled she is with the scissors. I thought that she was going to have a hard time cutting such a tiny piece of paper. But she did it so perfectly well. Her fine motor skills are quiet impressive for her age. I think that in not too long she will be making her own paper pieces. I can’t wait!)

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