Here I’m sharing the last 2 characters for the book. I cannot believe that I’m working on illustration #8.

Wolf white background small

I wanted my wolf for the fable to look like the real animal because in the story he’s free and wild and hasn’t been domesticated. He’s also hungry and a little bit underweight. See the ribs? He’s carefully listening to the dog’s stories about how much food he eats and the advantages of having an owner. But as you can see the wolf is not completely convinced. In the fable the wolf realizes that between food and freedom he choses freedom: “Better starve free than be a fat slave”.

Dog white brackground small

And here we have our dog very well dressed with a full tummy, looking almost like a human. Anybody would think that he’s totally happy with his life, but very deep inside he misses being free. This little dog is well dressed and fed but at night his owner makes him wear a collar attached to a chain and that hurts his neck a lot. He’s wearing a special high neck shirt to hide the wound.

This fable is told using animals but the moral is directed to humans and the fact the we should never compromise our freedom. The most important thing that we have is the freedom of being who we are and doing what we want.

I will share the whole illustration tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

Elsita ๐Ÿ™‚

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