The Frog and the Ox illustration is finished!!

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Per my editor’s suggestion I arranged the stage to represent a lake in this fable. Frogs are normally close to water so I really loved the idea. I tested reflecting the trees and the 2 flowers from the background in the water but it became too busy and distracting. That’s why I decided to reflect only the lower green bed of plants. I first used the same color for the reflection but it didn’t look nice so I ended up using  lighter green color.

The Frog and the Ox small

I like the humor in this scene. These two characters together make me smile for some reason. Maybe because they’re not the typical idea of cute 🙂

This is illustration #7 so we only have one more to create! I cannot believe it! The last one is: The Dog and the Wolf.

Have a wonderful Friday !

Elsita 🙂

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