The 6th illustration for the book is finished!!

This book is more and real every week ūüôā


The Fox and the Stork small

Now I want to say thanks a million for your comments and encouraging words and electronic birthday cards and e-mails for my birthday, they really made a difference in my day yesterday. Gail, your paper card arrived right in time as well and it made me so happy! Thanks a lot friends! I love U.

Then, let me tell you what happened by the end of the day yesterday: Bill had made a reservation at a restaurant for me to have dinner with my sister in law Marguerite and Natalie, a girl’s dinner (he offered to stay home with Diego). I was so tired, ready to go to bed early. I even told Marguerite that I kind of preferred just to stay home with them, I though about moving the dinner to another day. She said; well hermana, do whatever you feel like doing, it’s your day…But then at about 7:15 PM Bill said: Elsa you should get ready for the dinner. I really wanted to stay home but I felt so bad about the idea of disappointing him and Marguerite and Natalie. So I made an effort and walked to the restaurant (very close to our home).

When I arrived at the place I immediately saw 2 of my all time favorite girls in the world, Ellen and Debbie. We hugged each other and I said: Wow! It’s so great seeing you here! I¬†came¬†with¬†my¬†sister¬†in¬†law¬†and¬†Natalie for¬†a¬†little¬†birthday¬†dinner. And guess what!? They were there for the same reason!!! Then Another 2 of my all time favorite girls in the world arrived! Alisa and Vicky!! And they were there for my birthday dinner as well! Bill had planned the whole thing in secret. What I can say?!!!! My day really went from dark to shiny in a second. I ended up having a wonderful time, Natalie was laughing and all of us were laughing. There were yummy cupcakes in the end and 2 candles with the numbers 4 and 0. I made a wish that I will share with you only, please don’t tell anybody: I wished for Bill to have the longest and healthiest life ever. He’s the magician of the family, with his very calm and quiet personality he manages to always do magic. Thanks a lot Billy! You’re our star!!!

On¬†the¬†other¬†hand,¬†my Mom will be OK, she thinks that she could be into another world right now because of the fall, but she’s still here with us to stay for a long time. Her bones will be back to normal. It’s a matter of time and patience. She will have lots of support in Florida. A nurse will stay home with her helping and making her life a little bit easier. The problem in my kitchen has been solved temporally so we can keep functioning. When my brother Alex comes to install the kiln (Rojo) he will help us finishing what it has to be done. In the end life is not so bad ūüôā After the rain the sun always shines. Right now as I write this it is a beautiful sunny day over here. I look through the window I feel really glad to be alive.

Lots of love!!

Elsita ūüôā

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