Please let’s welcome the 5th illustration for the book!

The g and the A

The Grasshopper and the Ant copy

As you can see this is the sunniest illustration from the series because it’s taking place in the very middle of Summer. Can you feel the warm sun on your skin when you look at it?

This is more or less how it is here in Los Angeles now. So hot! We have to apply extra sunscreen on the skin. I really loved creating this illustration, each part of it was fun, specially the strawberry. I had to closely study the real fruit in order to understand its “anatomy” and see how I could translate it into paper. I also had to study the grasshopper and the ant anatomy to feel totally familiar with their body shapes. I keep learning a lot of new things because of this book. How lucky I feel.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂

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