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Today is when I share my little secret with you. It’s my favorite source of visual reference ever. On the pages of this book I get to see detailed pictures of many well-known animals on planet Earth, plus some that you never hear of; like the Dardanus Pedunculatus or his cousin the Gecarcoidea Natalis (which is not related to my daughter Natalie).

Fox book page. small

But there are not only animals in this book, you will also see plants, rocks and anything found on our beautiful blue planet. This books is as heavy as a 9-moth-old-baby but I don’t mind carrying it around the house.

Mushroom book page small

In terms of concrete work, apart from carefully studying my characters, reading the fables over and over again and visualizing all kinds of things, I’m cutting something as a test. I will share it tomorrow when I’m done. I want each illustration to be contained in a frame that will look like a theater, each one will be different. But I need to test the idea first in terms of colors and general shape. The best way to get the feeling of what I’m looking for is to do the real cut because a drawing doesn’t work as well.

  Papercut advance copy

Here is a little advance. At this point non of what I’m doing is final. This is the stage where I try to put my ideas in sync with reality. I’m dreaming but also trying to figure out all the practical aspects of this adventure.

Now let me tell you the one of the best parts of this book: This is going to be a pop-up book! Yay!! That’s one of the elements that excites me the most about this project. I have the honor and the luxury to be working with a professional paper engineer, her name is Julia Fröhlich and she’s based in Germany. Julia is as excited as I am about this project. She will make possible for this book to have dimension. What I’m envisioning is for each illustration to raise up from the background when you open the page. That way the theater scene in each page will be more alive. It’s going to be wonderful and fun to look at. I see the theater frame raising up together with the characters in a gentle movement as the background stays immobile on the back. I know that it’s going to be great 🙂

Now, before I go back to work I want to finish this post by saying that I’m so happy, happy, happy! I’m so grateful with life!. When I feel this happy I like to remember the dark times from my past, all those dark days when I was living in a tiny hot burning place accompanied by my poor friends the cockroaches. It wasn’t easy at all to get here but here I am, living my dream of being an artist, using my imagination, creating my art and doing things that bring a little bit of light into other people’s lives. I feel so complete! Thanks a lot for being there with me, I feel really lucky 🙂

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