Please let’s welcome a new member of our book crew!

Mister Grasshopper!

Grasshopper 2 small

He’s one of my favorite characters. Maybe because I have such happy memories of grasshoppers from my childhood in Cuba. I used to play in a huge grass area that was full of grasshoppers, some of them were tiny and some were large. We used to carry them in our hands and then let them free. They seemed to love being around kids. In a time when toys were scarce the grasshoppers helped us have fun and stay busy for hours. We were all fascinated by these insects and I still am.

Our grasshopper from the book needs to stop having so much fun though. He’s neglecting an important job: Saving some food for the Winter! The Ant (coming soon) is working hard stocking food for the cold season, but Mr. Grasshopper is just into another world right now, far from reality. He forgot that there is a time to work and there is a time to play, both should coexist in harmony.

Below, Ben Chan will show you what our Grasshopper’s is playing 😉



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