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Please meet the tiniest member of the Fables of La Fontaine crew ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s sooo cute in person!

Forย someoneย that’sย only about 1 inch tall he has lots of personality. A brave little mouse that didn’t hesitate to save Mister Lion’s life. Bravo for Tiny Mini Mouse!

When I was making our miniature friend I thought a lot about some news that I read a couple of years ago. It was about a Grandpa driving his grandchildren to some place. He suddenly had a heart attack, in the middle of driving. Imagine how tragic. His brave granddaughter who was a little girl at the time (about 8 years old) managed to keep the car under control. She was able to drive it for a few minutes until she found a way to stop it. Her amazing act saved her life and her sibling’s lives. I can’t remember if the Grandpa survived (I wish with all my heart that he did) but it’s amazing what a huge action this little girl did. Let’s never underestimate the power of little ones.

See you tomorrow with the final illustration of The Lion and the Mouse!

Elsita ๐Ÿ™‚

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