Yay!!! The third illustration is finished!

Each time I finish a new piece for the book I get so excited! It makes me happy seeing these little paper worlds on my table. They’re so real to me.

Theater copy

I love this empty stage. It makes me want to jump into it and do a little dance.

Flores detail small

This tiny garden inspires me to create a whole line of fabrics with my designs. I think that I will do something in the future for Spoonflower. The very idea makes me very excited!. Imagine a series of fabrics based on these illustrations. They would look nice with a certain vintage atmosphere. What do you think? Thumbs up to that idea?

Blog small

It also makes me happy seeing the hare and the tortoise finally together. I think that after all they’re going to become very good friends 🙂

Getting to study The Tortoise and the Hare fable in more depth was really inspiring to me. This book project in general is gaining a very special place in my heart. I only hope that once it becomes available in print it gains a special little place in the heart of children and adults as well. If everything goes as planned the book will be out there for Christmas. Yay!!

I will keep reporting tomorrow!

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