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Yay!! Please meet my new friend the tortoise! Bringing this creature into the world was a real joy, because I love tortoises. I used to have a tiny jicotea when I was living in Havana. Her name was Dorotea.

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Dorotea loved walking inside my apartment putting two legs on the floor and the other two legs on the wall. She refused to walk like any regular tortoise, but I didn’t mind at all. One morning Dorotea left my apartment without saying anything. I never got to see her again. She departed from El Vedado in Havana, Cuba, in 1998 so by now she must be approaching Los Angeles,  California. Maybe she will knock my door one of these days. But if she doesn’t I will believe that her spirit came back to me through my new little friend  character for the book 🙂

I wanted the little tortoise for the book to look sweet, modest, positive and wise, just like Dorotea did. I think that the hare from the fable is going to end up loving her. If you think about it, hares and tortoises make a great match. They’re very different  but at the same time they complement each other.

Now, I can’t wait to finish the stage for these two little friends. It’s already in the process of being cut. I think that it will be ready tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

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