I’m so happy to be back reporting!

Today has been a great day regarding the book. I spent lots of time working on the hare character and trying to figure out the best way to represent it. (The fable in question now is The Tortoise and the Hare). First I thought about creating an adult hare in the scene where the tortoise presents him the race challenge. I thought that I would make him laughing and looking at the tortoise with a funny expression like: Hey! You must be nuts to think that you can beat me in a race!

But something about that idea didn’t click with me. I just didn’t want to represent a mean hare. So I ended up finding my favorite way to illustrate this character:

Hare 1 small

I created a young hare with an innocent personality. After the tortoise wins the race he’s genuinely puzzled. He can’t understand how the tortoise won the race when he’s so fast.Β I think that by going in this direction I am communicating something positive to the children reading the fable. Sometimes we think that we’re right about something until life proves us wrong. In this fable the hare is learning a very important lesson. As you can see his body expression is saying: OH man! I was wrong, I better learn this lesson. Also, I think that this tortoise is pretty amazing after all πŸ™‚

Don’t you like this way better?

Now I can’t wait to start working on the tortoise. She has to be really special, because in the end I want her to look as someone who’s teaching an important lesson. She should look nice and happy, like a good teacher.

Also, today I discovered the difference between rabbits and hares. One of my favorite things about working on this book is how much I’m learning about the animals that I’m representing. I never had the chance to study all these animals I detail. This book project is teaching me a lot as well πŸ™‚

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