Holly and Zora (mother and daughter) are the creators of these soft sculptures that I am excited to share with you today.  Holly and Zora  were born in the Northwest of China and are now living in Zhuhai. Some of the materials used in these elaborate pieces are: cloth, thread, cotton, paper, wire, beads, etc. I invite you to visit their  Website to see and learn more.

Photos © Holly and Zora ↓







Zora and Holly say hi to you. Something that I find remarkable is that they only started creating this work 5 years ago. Zora used to be a branding manager and designer, but now she’s a full-time artist. She and her Mom want to meet other artists and crafters from all over the world so they can become part of a creative community. Please say hi to this special mother-daughter duet. I open the doors of Art is a Way to them. Welcome to our community! And please keep us update on new work. Here is another link to their website.


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