We have been anticipating our visit to Woodstock, NY, for months. I couldn’t wait to see this town, famous for the 1969 music festival. Woodstock is a piece of this country’s history. Being here is a real treat.

“In 1969, a monumental music festival changed our world. More than half a million people came together – united in a message of peace, openness and cultural expression – and demonstrated how a generation could be heard. Today, Woodstock lives on. The original producers of the historic festival continue to carry forward the Woodstock ethos by identifying social, environmental and political causes, organizing communities around them, developing products for those communities, and encouraging creative expression.” –Text from  www.woodstock.com

Here is a documentary about the famous Woodstock concert.





↑When we drove on this road last night while looking for our rented place, I started wondering if we were ever going to get out of here alive. It was as dark as the first picture on this post. Plus I saw something that looked like a  chupacabras following us.  But I didn’t tell anybody just in case I was hallucinating. We were supposed to be driving to paradise, but the deep darkness made me feel like we were driving to the end of the world.


Thank God it all indicates that last night I was indeed hallucinating. It is amazing how the dark can stimulate your imagination. If I ever need to stimulate my imagination in the future, I will turn off all the lights to see what happens. Well, the thing is that as soon as I  opened my eyes this morning I found myself in paradise. This place is so beautiful. We even have a river behind the house. OK, the river is out-of-order due to being frozen, but it still counts. 


↑ Here is the frozen river for you. This is the closest that I got to it just in case. I have a friend whose father fell in a frozen river in Russia and almost died.  My friend’s father was saved by his co-workers. He is back in Cuba now, where the only frozen thing that you can find is the freezer in the refrigerator. When my brother Alex and I were little, we used to make “snow balls” by scraping the frost from our freezer. But they melted so fast. It was very frustrating. So when I saw real snow for the first time at age 23 in Europe, I made the largest and roundest snow ball ever. I will never forget that day.


Isn’t this place amazing?


How about making a little fire over here by the benches and roasting some marshmallows? OK, I will keep that in mind.


The place where we’re staying over here is in the middle of nowhere. But for breakfast we went to town, which is only a few minutes away. The breakfast place was super cozy and decorated in a hippy style. I loved the two lamps hanging from the ceiling.


After breakfast I felt like going for a ride on a bicycle. Imagine my excitement when I saw one just a few steps from the restaurant. Unfortunately, the excitement didn’t last. As much I tried to make it work, this bicycle didn’t move an inch so I decided to go for a walk with Bill and the kids.


We did so much today! Basically, we explored Woodstock and other towns nearby. Lots of driving and lots of walking and lots of taking photos. Everything was beautiful! But right now it is sooo late over here. Everyone is sleeping and I’m the only one awake. Well, me and a gray cat that according to Natalie looks like he was Photoshoped. Meaning that the color is so beautiful that it doesn’t look real. This cat must be wondering  why I keep looking at the screen of this laptop and typing.

Ok, now I am a little worried. Because tomorrow we have to wake up super early and I need to get some sleep. But I still have so much energy that I could walk to town, come back, then go to town again and come back. Anyway, the rational side of my brain says that I need to end my report, turn off the light and go to sleep. So I am going to listen to my brain. But before I go, you need to see these cows that I met today. I want to take them to Los Angeles but my suitcase is too small. These are the most beautiful and friendly cows that I ever met in my life. We connected instantly. I believe that I was a cow in a previous life.

Now I say: Mooooo.  Sorry, I meant to say: Good night!


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