Below is my first photo of the trip. I could not believe that after all the tests that I did at home I ended up with a brand new broken camera. Big disappointment. The second and the third photo came out exactly the same way. But thank God there is always someone who seems to find a solution to every problem. This time it was Natalie. She said: Mom, how about removing the cap from the lens?

Oops! Never mind about the broken camera.


The first attraction of the trip was this paper installation by Joyce Dallal that we found at the airport in LA. There was a small crowd taking photos of it. I felt like a journalist on a mission. The photo is a bit out of focus because I didn’t have a tripod. But I think that the main part of my mission has been accomplished.


This text explaining the artwork was on the wall, next to the installation ↓


Other than this paper installation there isn’t much to report because we spent most of the time on the airplane. Except that I have a secret to share, but please don’t tell anybody or else we will get in trouble. We brought an illegal passenger with us on this trip. No ID, no luggage, and no plane reservation. See him below:


This is Barry, from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Barry is my son Diego’s best friend and this is his first trip ever. Notice the excitement on his face. But Diego  was worried that someone was going to discover him, so he decided to make Barry look more like a regular traveler.


There! It worked perfect.

So, from NYC Bill drove us to Woodstock, where we’re now. I wish that I could tell you what happened during the 2-hour ride, but I felt asleep. Then we were so hungry when we got to Woodstock that the right thing to do was to stop for dinner. We ate at a super cozy restaurant and the food was great.

I am falling asleep again. The kids and Bill are already sleeping. One more thing, I have no idea how this rented house looks on the outside because we got here very late. The road was pretty dark, like in a horror movie with lots of ghostly trees on both sides. But maybe in the morning things will look better. I will let you know tomorrow.

Good night 🙂

Day 2

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