Yesterday was a super white and cold day over here with all the snow. It was beautiful! But the snow didn’t stop our explorations.


We said good-bye to the four little trees in front of our rented house and then headed to Hudson.


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The ride was slow but lots of fun. h5

This time we explored some very interesting buildings with our Hudson realtor. All of the buildings need Β work but they were so beautiful! These places are “raw diamonds” with lots of potential.





Then I stopped to enjoy this window. The snowflakes on the glass looked like hundreds of miniature birds. But I had to keep moving because this place didn’t have a heater. My toes started to scream: Take us out of here!!!!


Then we went outside but my toes kept screaming louder than before.


Then my fingers joined my toes. They all screamed at the top of their lungs. Help!!!! Help!!!!!!!!


I thought that I was going to die. Instead of houses around me I started seeing thousands of those miniature birds from the glass window that we saw before. It was like The Birds from the HitchcockΒ movie, but instead of black, these were white and icy. Help!!!!!!!!!!!


I went inside our car and turned up the heater to a tropical temperature. It was like Hawaii. Perfect! But reality hit me hard when I had to force my body to get out again. Poor toes and fingers and nose and ears, they were in pain. But the lesson was learned. I was wearing the wrong shoes, socks, scarf, hat, pants and sweater. The down jacket was OK, that’s why I survived. Next time it will be different. If I want to be happy in Hudson, I first have to master the art of dressing properly for low temperatures.

Tomorrow we should be flying back to LA if the weather allows. It is all in nature’s hands now. I am so excited about this trip! It was absolutely great regardless of the fact that I almost die. And the best part is that Bill and I and the kids fell in love with the very last building on the list. It is a beautiful three story house, 3 blocks away from the train station, located in the most beautiful street here in Hudson. It is also a couple of blocks away from the building that Marina Abramovic bought for her art institute. That makes everything even more exciting. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Talk to you later!


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