The search continues! From the middle of nature we came closer to civilization. Our idea is to explore this area as much as possible because we want to see all the options. So yesterday we headed to Hudson where we walked and walked until Natalie and I got close to experiencing a case of frozen toe. Bill and Diego were OK. Natalie and I are still trying to figure out what is their secret. The temperature was so low! But the boys didn’t get affected by it at all.


Hudson is beautiful! The buildings are so charming. We really love it here.


The streets were quiet and it was so easy to park. In LA parking is a problem due to the car overpopulation. On this street I could count the cars using less than 10 fingers.


When Natalie saw this colorful building she got so excited! -Mom! Mom! Look at that building! Take a picture!


Some businesses were closed but in the open ones people were very nice and friendly.


When I see buildings with tall towers such as this one, I wonder how it got built. How did the object on the very top of that tower got up there?


We saw lots of vintage and antique shops. The prices were so low compared to LA! This Santa in the picture was priceless though, because it wasn’t for sale. Poor Santa, he looks a bit tired. If I were him I would ask the red-headed woman to let me take a nap in her toy wagon.


Nice arrangement.


We loved this lady with the cool headband. We wondered what happened to her left arm and what she was carrying in the pitcher. Maybe hot chocolate? We were in need of some hot chocolate for sure.


This peculiar canine family called our attention. It seems like they’re processing some really bad news. Just look at their facial expressions. I’m specially concerned about the little one. Hopefully, everything will be OK with them.


Big surprise! A happy succulent growing indoors. That makes me happy because I love succulents. Now I know that they can survive in a cold place. What a relief.


What a beautiful sign. I don’t know what it means, but it must be good.


Beautiful church. I love old bricks! Noticed how each brick is unique. Just like people, they age differently. I once saw how bricks get made in the primitive way, by hand. It is fascinating.


Another beautiful brick church. I’m sorry that this place lost one of its blue glass windows. I also wonder how it happened.


Another beautiful sign. Notice how the man in the sign is wearing a hat-box on his head. Per what I see it contains some tools such as scissors, etc. Maybe I can make a hat-box for me to wear in my studio. I could carry some X-Acto knifes in it, erasers and pencils. The only thing that I would add is a lid, just for safety reasons.


I love this sign as well. I’m specially intrigued by the Healing Arts one. Hold down a second, I’m going to Google Sarah Falkner. Nice! Here is what I found. Great! I will keep exploring Sarah’s website later.


Since Bill and I are exploring all the options, we also wanted to check these 3 properties. But we had no access to them due to a glass placed in front of them. That’s OK. They looked too small for what we have in mind anyway.

Tomorrow we will continue the search here in Hudson. Well, tomorrow meaning today because I wrote this last night. So while you read this, Natalie and I will be back to our frozen-toe case. Or maybe not.  We’re planning to wear an extra pair of socks.

Have a wonderful day!

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