Hello! Today I want to salute you through this gentleman that I found near Woodstock. Isn’t he handsome? I wonder who created him and when.


Today we went to visit Anthony Bregman and his family. They have a house  about an hour away from Woodstock. Anthony is a film producer just like Bill. Together they produced Synecdoche, New York. A film directed by Charlie Kaufman. You can see the trailer below. This is such a deep and philosophical movie, plus the casting is amazing, I highly recommend it. Anthony has produced many movies that I love, one of my favorite is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

The best part of today was spending time with Anthony’s family. They are real skiing champions. From our family the champions are Bill and Diego. Natalie and I are better as cheerleaders.  One of our favorite physical activities is clapping. So while Bill and Diego went snow sledding Natalie and I stayed indoors. Natalie worked on some drawings while I had the best time talking with Anthony’s Mom. At 83 years old, she is one of the most delightful ladies  that I have ever met.

I wish that I had lots of pictures to show you, but I was so busy talking with Anthony’s Mom that I forgot to use my camera. But here is a photo of Natalie, Diego and Bill in the snow. They are the 3 larger figures. The rest of the figures look like tiny plastic toy people.

bill and natalie 800

And here is a photo of my cow friends from yesterday. Natalie and I really want to bring them to LA, but again, our suitcases are too small.


 Tomorrow is going to be lots of fun because we will be driving to the Big Apple. Yay!! We’re going to see some relatives and friends. I can’t wait!

Mooo! In cow language that means: I hope that you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

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