Diego at the MOMA

 ↑ Photos by  my husband

Here is Diego during our latest visit to the MOMA in December of 2012. It was fun watching him interact with his favorite pieces. The fact that Diego’s brain is wired differently (due to Autism) allows him to experience art in such a pure way. He doesn’t care much about the meaning of art or about what the artist wanted to communicate (he will carefully listen if you explain these things to him though). But what I want to say is that he just enjoys what he enjoys without worrying about why.  For him it is as simple as a walk in nature where you find an interesting tree, or an animal or a rare flower. He doesn’t worry about what nature meant by making a tree or a bird, he just enjoys them for what they are. I believe that there are endless ways to interact with art, and they are all valid, but Diego’s style is one of my favorite.

You might have noticed that some creative people that are considered not-normal tend to develop a unique relationship with art. They  connect with it at such a visceral level. Judith Scott is a perfect example. I believe that for those of us who are “normal”, over-thinking what we see, or do, or want to do, could sometimes inhibit the brain from expressing itself freely. Studying Diego’s way teaches me how to enjoy art and creativity by detaching myself from any pre-conceptions. I tried to be like him at our latest visit to the MOMA and it was one of the most fun experiences that I ever had at a museum.



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