White peacocks are amazing creatures. I grew up around wild peacocks, but never saw a white one. What a beautiful animal. It looks like a woman in a wedding dress.

Here are some picture for you:

Photo from www.southwickszoo.com ↓


Photo from Wikimedia ↓


Photo from www.wallonline.com ↓


Photo by tigerpaw31 ↓


Below you see two paper sculptures inspired by white peacocks:

The White Omar by  The Makery Studio ↓

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Photo from www.mybeautifulthingswordpress.com ↓

white bird

In this video you can see a white peacock in motion. (The video says albino peacock, but according to what I read in my research, these animals are just pigmented in this color, while albino means lack of pigment).

Have a wonderful Friday and a restful weekend!

Elsita 🙂


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