Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.- Mary Lou 

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It’s a treat from nature.

Creativity is what makes us human beings unique.  It is a treat from nature .  Creativity has nothing to do with social status, level of education, race, culture, gender, wealth, mental condition or IQ . It takes place in a natural progression from thinking, to producing, to affecting reality. It involves taking risks, challenge assumptions, and seeing things in a new way.

It’s being open-minded.

A great way to study creativity in its more uncontaminated state is  by observing children in action. Children are the greatest natural artists because their minds haven’t  yet been programed to fit adult standards. Because the world is new to them, they see everything with fresh eyes.I’m sure you’ve noticed how children come up with the most unexpected ideas and solution to problems. There is so much we can learn from them.

It’s being flexible and curious.

Highly creative adults are also worth studying for their common traits.  They posses a flexible and curious mind. Because they don’t attach themselves to concepts,  they are open to reconsidering their ideas.  Their minds stay in a permanent state of flow, always open to learning and experiencing new things.

It’s a way of living.

Everyone has the potential to be creative.  What’s more,  everyone should be creative. It’s simply good for you and for the people around you. There is a relatively young therapeutic discipline known as Art Therapy that is based on the healing quality of creativity. The more we study creativity in scientific and intuitive ways the more we understand its importance.

Below I  included  a brilliant video on creativity by John Cleese. It is 36 minutes long. I recommend that you pick a special time to watch  it so you can absorb all his valuable lessons. Here are some of the things that he says:

“Creativity is NOT a talent, it’s a way of operating.”

“Creativity is the ability to play. The most creative people are child-like.”

“Creativity is an open mode.”

“When you are being creative nothing is wrong.”


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