Hello my friend!

Here we are, entering a new year full of possibilities. I feel excited and so grateful for it.

In September of 2015 my husband suffered a heart attack while working abroad. But I’m happy to report that he’s back to normal and doing really well. Going through something that scary puts everything in perspective. All those little preoccupations that populate the mind suddenly vanish, and all that matter is, well: life itself. Going through such crisis allowed us to experience the power of our amazing support system. The kids and I felt overwhelmed by all the love coming from everywhere. We never felt so protected.

As soon as Diego found out about his Dad’s heart attack, he asked: But is he alive? When I responded yes, he said: OK, then everything is fine. Diego’s reaction pretty much set up the atmosphere for the rest of us. Very deeply, we just knew that everything was going to be OK. And we were right.

Knots copy

↑One of my paintings from 2015


So, moving forward, I will say that we are starting 2016 with tons of creative energy. I’m extremely excited to tell you that my old dream of establishing an art center is coming true. I cannot wait to share more details! Stay tuned! Right now things are in the early stages but everything is moving forward steadily. I want to say that the people who we are joining in this adventure are like family to us. They are smart, down-to-Earth, super talented, creative…I could go on and on. You are going to love them. The area that we have chosen for the art center is about an hour and a half from NYC. The town is beautiful! Surrounded by nature and friendly people. My dream is to see you there in person one day. You’re going to love it.

Now I’m going to say hasta luego.

I’m so looking forward to enjoying 2016!

But before I go, please allow me to give you a virtual hug. Let’s celebrate the fact that we’re alive. Don’t you feel lucky?

All my best to you and your loved ones!

Elsita 🙂



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