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Today I want to share some exciting news with you. Bill and I have decided to sell our beloved weekend cabin, located in the mountains of Idyllwild, just 2 hours away from Los Angeles, CA. This is one of many concrete steps that we are taking toward our dream project. Yay!! More details coming soon! This cabin has been our piece of  paradise for the last 8 years. Now we are looking forward to finding that special family that we know will enjoy this nest as much as we did. Let’s go for a little tour:

home copy

We came to Idyllwild for the first time in 2006. It all happened when we won a prize at a silent auction to support Natalie’s pre-school. The prize was a weekend at a lovely cabin in Idyllwild. I had no idea that paradise was only 2 hours away from our home in Los Angeles. Below is a picture of Natalie and I during that first trip. Diego was only a year old. Bill was holding him while taking this photo.


As soon as we arrived here we fell in love with the amazing landscapes and the calming energy that we so much needed. So, right during that first trip, we decided that we wanted to buy a cabin in Idyllwild to escape from the city as often as we could.

home 7

The search began right away. Our real state agent was wonderful and friendly. She took us around to see several cabins, until we found one that screamed our names. Yay! We didn’t want anything too fancy. Our vision was a home that was strong, comfortable, down to Earth, that didn’t need any work. Perfect! This cabin had all of it. One of our favorite features from day one were the 2 wooden decks on the sides of the house. We knew that they were going to be perfect for family gatherings, for taking naps, for barbecues, for reading…


The area around the house became a favorite for all of us. I loved seeing this playground come to life every morning with the kids.


Winter time was always so much fun! Here is where the kids built their very first snowman and it was also the place where my Mom saw snow for the first time in her whole life. We will never forget that day, she was like a little girl jumping up and down. We also used to drive to areas nearby for inner tubing.


Hide-and-seek was one of our favorite outdoor games. As you can see there are plenty of places for the kids to hide. Diego always ended up under the house. But the kids were also fortunate to attend art camp at Idyllwild Arts Academy during the Summer. Over there they made friends and created lots of fun art. While they were there, my favorite activity was going to the paint-your-own-ceramic place in town where I could spend hours and hours painting plates, mugs and other objects. I have a whole collection of them. See these two pieces below:


home 9

Here you can see a staircase behind the house. Sometimes I just sat there enjoying the sound of nature and once in a while I was even lucky to see deers come very close.

home 11

Eating outside was always so nice, specially when my family from Florida came to visit. My brother Alex and Bill delighted us with their barbecues. They are very good at it.


Here you see the fireplace in the living room. Staring at the fire was one of Diego’s favorite activities during the winter. One of my favorite things to do around that time was dancing, while Bill played the piano. I have lots of videos of our whole family dancing. So much fun!

living room

This large couch in the living room became a double bed when my family from Florida came to visit. All the kids wanted to sleep there. They took turns.

living room sofa

We also watched so many great movies in this room.

living room 1

I love the ceilings in the cabin.


Oh! The kitchen. One of my best memories is when I cooked there with my sister in law Evelyn while the kids played outside.

kitchen 3

In the winter we always ate indoors in the dinning area next to the kitchen.

kitchen 4


Here is the main bathroom. My favorite part here is that it has its own heater. Perfect for the Winter. It also has a nice closet for towels etc.

bathroom 1

Here is the bathtub on the left of the main bathroom, where the kids spent hours pretending that they were fish.

bathroom 2

This is the master bedroom. As soon as we got to the cabin from the city, I always collapsed on this bed. For the last 8 years, this was the only place where I could convince my body to forget about everything and take a nap in the middle of the day. The energy there is so calm and relaxing.

dad's room

Here is another view from the master bedroom.

dad's room 2

On the right side of the master bedroom there is a half bathroom that also has a washer machine and a drier. So convenient! This allowed me to go back to LA with clean clothes.


Here you see the kids’ room with their beloved bunk bed. The lower bed has a queen size mattress while the upper one is twin size. I also kept an extra mattress under the lower bed (it’s still there) for when our family from Florida visited.

kids room

Another view of the kids’ room.

kids room 2

And here is the beautiful path in front of the cabin, perfect for nature walks, which is something that we did it very often with the kids.



I hope that you enjoyed the tour! Below is the general information about the cabin. If you are interested in owning this property, feel free to contact Jackie Kretsinger at (951) 659-2114 (Ask for MLS # 6263). She is wonderful, super friendly and has lots of experience. Jackie is the same person that sold the cabin to us 8 years ago. We love her. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me directly, then just drop me an e-mail: elsammora@gmail.com or use the form below:

Have a great day!

General information:

Offered at $249,500

2 hours away from Los Angeles

2 bedrooms (furniture included)

53/100 ACRE

1 full bathroom and 1/2 bathroom

Brick fireplace

Dining area


Living room (furniture included)

2 decks

Flat screen TV included

Piano included

Wifi Internet connection

5 minute walk to town

Very private

For more information or to plan a visit you can contact Jackie Kretsinger at (951) 659-2114 (Ask for MLS # 6263)

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