Safe at Home, 2004. Elastic and nails. Photos by Scott Lee

↑From the exhibition Border Stitching, 2015

↑ Mending Broken China,  2016. Paper plates and ink

↑ Infinite Wall,  2016. Over 2000 nails and elastic on wall

Shifting Shelter, 2017, site-specific installation, house structure, various found objects, furniture, mirrors chalkboard paint, tape, elastic ribbon. Photo: Alexis Moline. Angel Gallery.

↑ Shifting Shelter, 2017 (detail).

Vessna Perunovich is a Yugoslavia-born artist who immigrated to Canada settling in Toronto, Ontario, in 1988.  A nationally and internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary visual artist, Perunovich uses a variety of media for her creative expressions, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, and performance. She was part of Bedlam and Balance, an exhibition that Magda Gonzalez-Mora curated for ArtYard.

“My work is experimental in its approach, minimalist in its esthetics, economical in material use and labor intensive in its process. […] I use techniques that make reference to female labor and handicrafts such as sewing, knitting and crocheting and materials such as thread, string, and fabric which were historically designed as ‘female’ signaling an inversion of the traditional perception of ‘high art’ versus craft. The politics is sewn into the work as they are often monumental in size and subject matter (politics, critiques of consumerism, violence, religion, sexuality, etc.) and in that it departs from the old (but still present) perceptions that the art made by women is intimate in nature and modest in size. The play between hard and soft surfaces serve as a constant reminder of the fragility of the body, and its struggle to move beyond barriers imposed by different spaces, institutions, ideologies, or its own failures.”

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