Dear friends,

This post is to let you know that my brother and sister-in-law are already in Washington DC spending time with Ernesto (I first wrote about him here). My brother wanted everyone to know that Ernesto is doing amazing under the circumstances. He is still eating, somehow alert, but most importantly, very grateful for all the love.


In my brother’s words: “Para el [Ernesto] todo está  bien y tiene mucha Paz. Todo le parece “increíble” y “muy bien” “como en heaven”, esas son sus palabras . Siempre con una sonrisa y ni una queja de dolor. Oremos por su transición con paz y amor a una nueva forma de vida.”

Translation: “For Ernesto all is well and he has a lot peace. Everything seems “amazing” and “very good”, “as in heaven”, those are his words. Always with a smile and not a complaint of pain. Let’s pray for his transition to a new way of life to be peaceful and with love.”

I hope that you’re having a great weekend. Lots of love and let’s keep sending our good energy to Ernesto!


Below is a video that my brother recorded with his cellphone. You can listen to Ernesto’s music on the background. [UPDATE 1: I have deleted the little video because it makes my sister-in-law too sad, she was in the video with Ernesto. This has been a very emotional experience for her. I am so sorry.

UPDATE 2: Dear friends, I had previously posted 3 photos of Ernesto taken at the hospital, it was his way to say hi to those who can’t go visit him in person. But two of his friends had an unexpected reaction to the images (they basically preferred to remember Ernesto as he looked in the past). In consideration of their personal feelings I have decided to replace those photos with the one that you see now, taken many years ago in Cuba. Ernesto is the young handsome man on the left, in blue.

I just want to add, that Ernesto is absolutely in peace with his current situation and he wants everyone to know that he’s happy. Being the sensitive and profound soul that he has always been, this doesn’t come as a surprise. He’s finding beauty and happiness in the smallest things that most of us take from granted. What a great lesson to learn from a unique human being.

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