We Make Carpets is an artist collective formed by Bob, Marcia, and Stijn. They made their first carpet in 2009 while collaborating in the ‘Instant Nature’ exhibition during that year’s Dutch Design Week. In the forest, they collected pine cones and needles, which became Forest Carpet. The shape was appealing so they developed their collaboration making six more carpets. “There never was a preconceived plan, like from now on the three of us will make carpets. It just happened. At the same time, we had the feeling it might lead somewhere.”

The carpets come about naturally, there is no design. The material, location, and size are set but other than that they work intuitively. While making these pieces they spend long days on their knees in uncomfortable positions, often until deep at night. “It’s a bit like meditating. We work in unity, always with the three of us, hardly taking any breaks.”

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