Dear friend:

Here is a little report about my opening night at Couturier Gallery.


It was wonderful! I was tired because that night I was just returning from a long trip from Tennessee. But my body didn’t know how tired it was until next day. It is amazing how  much energy one can get from spending time with special people.


Here you see me with Carlos Estevez. Don’t  you think that we look like brother and sister? Carlos is an amazing human being and artist. I’m so honored to be in this show with him. We had time to talk about everything: family, our careers, Cuba, Miami…


Here on the right you see the handsome Darrel Couturier talking with a sweet visitor. Darrel is the gallery owner but he is really my personal friend. Darrel is from France and he speaks so many languages. We met a long time ago through his connection with Cuba and we have kept our friendship alive through the years.


In this surreal picture I am about to hug one of the most special gifts of the night and her name is Maiz, my dear friend. Maiz came with her husband and their three small children. Isn’t that great? In this picture she is holding the tinniest member of her team, his name is Julio. Julio is only  2 months old and he’s the most adorable and alert baby that I have ever met. I had a long “conversation” with him and you won’t believe how he responded back to all my words. I adore little Julio 🙂


Most of the pictures that you see here (the ones that look really great) were taken by my friend Maiz. Maiz is a professional Photographer with a solid career. She traveled around the world doing the most amazing things with her camera and right now she is focussing on raising her children.


And this is another dear friend, her name is Ellen. Ellen is amazing. She is adored by hundreds of people over here and I am not exaggerating at all. She has the biggest heart ever, plus she’s so smart and real and down to earth. Having her as a friend is a real treat. Ellen is married to Albert Berger who is one of Bill’s closest friends from childhood. Albert is also a film producer, he produced Election, Little Miss Sunshine and many other great movies.


This photo taken by Maiz captures my favorite part of the night and that was: hugging time! I love to hug so much. Hugging brings so much human energy into your life. With each hug you brake that invisible wall between you and the person in front of you and you feel really connected.


The other thing that I loved about the opening was the great conversations. It was hard to stop talking. Since I am normally so busy and socially invisible because of my intense family life, the opening night was my best opportunity to catch up and share everything with old and new friends.

Alisa and Ellen

Here you see two more special girls: my super dear friend Alisa on the left and the amazing Ellen on the right. All I can say about both of them is that I don’t really know how I can be so lucky to know these girls. Alisa and Ellen are both one of a kind women. They both came without husbands and children and we were kind of joking about that and celebrating it at the same time 😮


I think that Carlos’s pieces and my pieces looked great together. They were really in sync. The way they were displayed all over the gallery was perfect.


Here I have to stop for a second and send a huge THANK YOU to each one of the friends that met me through this blog first and then decided to come to the show to meet my work and myself in person. Those were the best hugs of the night I have to say. I wish that I had pictures of all of you! A special mention to Sally, who came with her husband, but never found the opportunity to say hi to me directly because I was talking and talking all the time. You were in my mind Sally, next time you need to send me your picture so I can print it out and find you in the crowd 🙂 Deal?


I also want to send a big virtual hug to Saskia. She couldn’t find the gallery after driving for about 30 minutes. I am soooo extremely sorry. It can be a little confusing sometimes because La Brea is such a loooong street and then there is the north and the south part of it. I think that you ended up on the south and the gallery is on the north part. But hopefully you will be able to see the show later, it’s going to be on for about a month 🙂

Sandra Elsita

Here I am with my dear friend Sandra, she is sooo much fun!!! In this photo we’re having a fashion competition. And the winner iiiiis: non of us! But her daughter who is the most beautiful girl ever, I wish that I could show you her picture. Sandra is married to Topper, another friend of Bill from University.


Here is Billy wearing his Australian hat. So cool 🙂




Isn’t this a great picture? I love it! And of course, it was taken by my friend Maiz 🙂


Here we have one of the most remarkable women that I know. Helen Reid and her husband Saul Brown are prestigious personalities over here. They are Therapists by profession but both of them have been very involved with programs for children with developmental issues for years. We first got Diego’s diagnosis from Helen and her husband and they have been following our little man’s progress since then. How lucky we are!






After the opening we went to one of our favorite restaurants for a delicious Italian dinner: Pane e Vino is the name of the restaurant. What a great way to end the night. Now that I have the pictures and the memories from Saturday nigh I can see how lucky I am. I really want to thank every single person for coming to the opening, you made of this event something really special. Double thank you for those of you that drove from far way. I really appreciated it.

And lots of love to you too, my dear internet friend that are far away reading this post. On Saturday night you were definitely in my heart.

Thank you for visiting me today have a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂

(Margie, I missed you at the opening and also in Tennessee!)

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