Today I’m so excited  to introduce you to my multi-talented Brazilian friends Bernadete Fiorini and Gianfranco Fiorini. They have an inspiring story that I want to share with you. So here I go:


Several years ago Bernadete and Gianfranco Fiorini had a dream. They dreamed about buying an old truck that they could turn into a mobile theater. They wanted to hit the road and take their puppet show everywhere, just like in the old Mabembe theater tradition, where the artists traveled from town to town to perform their plays on improvised stages . Wouldn’t that be wonderful? They thought.


Bernadete and Gianfranco didn’t waste any time. They started thinking about how to turn their dream into a reality. Gianfranco knew about cars and about how to fix them. But he also knew that this was going to be a real challenge.

old car fiorini

In 1999 Bernadete and Gianfranco were ready to take the first step forward. After much thinking, they finally  invested their precious savings in an old and rusty 1939 Ford truck. We did it! They couldn’t believe it. But now? Are we going to make this bunch of metal work? Bernadete and Gianfranco wondered while scratching their heads. Building our dreams could be a scary thing sometimes.

old truck 1_rounded_corners

Here is Gianfranco next to his investment, still in a raw state. If you cover the right half of his face and then the left side you will see how his left side looks worry while his right side looks excited . That’s how Bernadete and Gianfranco felt about their ambitious project. This is the stage that we experience at the beginning of any challenge. A mix of concern and excitement.


“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”Napoleon Hill.

It is easy to tell a story through a few pictures. But the work of reconstruction and adaptation of this masterpiece, totally made by Gianfranco, consumed 4 long years of research, creativity, investment, resourcefulness and patience. Let’s take off out hats for Gianfranco and Bernadete.


camion 1 800

There they go! Isn’t it inspiring seeing something dead come back to life? That is one of the miracles that creativity does.

camion 2 800

The Fiorinis’ truck has been everywhere in Minas Gerais.

camion 3 800

Nothing stops them from bringing their magic to children and adults even in the most remote locations.


And here is the reward. Seeing all those little happy faces is priceless. There is nothing more rewarding than human connection.

all photos

The Fiorinis, in collaboration with their three daughters, close relatives and friends, have created a tight family that stays united through the power of their magic truck. What it started as a dream is now a reality that keeps them alive, inspired and active. Each trip is a new adventure.

I was talking with Bernadete about the challenges that life brings. They, like everyone else on planet Earth face challenges, but as soon as they hit the road the problems become smaller. It feels good when what you do has a positive impact on people. The Fiorinis are a perfect example of  what creative minds can do when they join forces. I hope that you enjoyed this story. But that is not all. As I said in the beginning, the Fiorinis are multi-talented. This is not the only thing that my friends do. But that’s material for a couple of more posts.

fiorini family blog

past present_rounded_corners

I want to end this post with something that my Mother in law shared on her blog , it is a quotation by Roger Ebert, the beloved film critic that passed away earlier this month.

“I believe that if, at the end, according to our abilities, we have done something to make others a little happier, and to make ourselves a little happier, that is about the best we can do.  To make others less happy is a crime. . . I didn’t always know this and am happy I lived long enough to find it out”. 


That is the philosophy of my friends Gianfranco↑ and Bernadete↑ and it is also the philosophy behind Art is a Way.

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂

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