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Today I’m honored to share Catharine Campbell‘s beautiful word ART, specially created for The Art is a Way Project. Catherine is a skilled watercolor artist who lives in a magical place surrounded  by nature.


“I went to art school for a short time and have also taken many workshops, I also did several years of ceramics. When we had our two children I was a stay at home mom and then looked after my parents. When I started working full-time 14 years ago I let artwork go and in the last two years with my children grown up I am making time for art, and loving every minute! “

“My husband and I are both avid gardeners, we enjoy growing flowers and food, and looking after our old house.”

“At the library I enjoy providing family storytime for all ages of children. It is always interesting and a delight to connect with so many families.”

“I am interested in illustrating children’s books, hopefully in the future.”





Thanks a lot dear Catharine for this breathtaking creation. (I jumped with joy when I first saw it).

And you, my friend, I am looking forward to seeing your  one-of-a-kind  artwork  for The Art is a Way Project.

Happy Monday!

Elsita 🙂




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