Yesterday, you saw photos of our temporary home from the outside. Today I invite you to come inside and take a look at one of the 2 living rooms and the kitchen.


Above is one of the 3 front doors in this house. Two of them take you to 2 different living room areas, and the third one takes you to a smaller room. But all those rooms are connected with each other.


What I like the most about the interior of this house is the light. There are several windows with beautiful views everywhere. The other thing that I like a lot is the wooden furniture. I have been carefully observing each piece and they all have a story to tell. The layers of paint and beautiful “scars” here and there say that for different generations many people used and loved them equally.


I don’t know the story of the 2 brown couches, but he kids were instantly attracted to their coziness. Natalie by the way has a drawing station on that center table. The flowers refuse to die. They have been there since our arrival. I have changed the water a couple of times to make them as happy as they make us.


The color palette in the house is so vibrant and inviting. Somehow it reminds me of Frida Kahlo. According to the book that I mentioned on my previous post, everything new in the building was created using  hand tools, exactly like in the old days when power tools didn’t exist. I love the irregularities in all the all wooden components in the house such as the floor, windows, doors…


This room is perfect for reading, resting, but also for listening and playing music. Bill enjoys playing his flute here. Of course I love this rocking chair, which has a very friendly personality.


Now let’s see the kitchen. Here we continue to enjoy lots of light and beautiful views through the windows. This kitchen is so down-to-Earth. Nothing here is pretentious or fancy. The general feeling is rustic, with beautiful objects made by hand in the past. As soon as I come in here I feel like cooking something delicious. Bill, the kids, and, are enjoying the old table where we have breakfast lunch and dinner.

DSCF2449 copy

Take a look at the picture below. Do you see the yellow piece of furniture on the right side? It is next to the red one. That is the refrigerator! It was covered in that way to keep the rustic look of this area. Isn’t that great? That, I highly appreciate. Life without a refrigerator is not very easy. I experienced that many years ago and it wasn’t fun, specially in a hot country like Cuba. During the winter we will have a huge refrigerator right outside this house with all the snow.

DSCF2450 copy

Below is a better view of the old table in the eating area.

DSCF2459 copy

I enjoy the view through this window while eating. You can normally see bunny rabbits outside, as well as small birds. What a treat! Before the television was invented, people looked through their windows to see what nature had to offer. I am so happy to go back to basics in this way. This is better than tv.

DSCF2464 copy 2

Back to the kitchen, here is another window and some nice accent pieces on top of the super old bench and on the floor.

DSCF2465 copy

OK, this lamp! I don’t know exactly why I love it so much. It is super simple and it holds candles and a light bulb. I keep thinking that some nice husband made it by hand for his wife a long time ago.

DSCF2470 copy

The stove! Just perfect, a real jewel, and it works perfectly. I cannot wait to bake something delicious in that oven. Not too far from us there is a wonderful little shop that sells organic fruits and vegetables and other quality foods. I will get all my ingredients from there.

DSCF2454 copy

Now it is time to say good-buy. I hope that you enjoyed this little tour inside the house. I still need to take pictures of the bedrooms and other areas. Buy let’s leave that for later.

Thanks a lot for being on the other side and have a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂

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