A Munich-based sculptor, Heike Schaefer primarily works with paper, textile materials, bronze, and iron. After her studies in graphic design (1976-1980) and sculpture (1981-1987) as a master student, both of which she graduated with a diploma, Heike Schaefer exhibited in 1988 at the debutante ’88 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and received debutant funding of the Free State of Bavaria.

She gained her first international experience in 1990 as part of an exhibition of the Japan Metallic Formative Art Institute, and in 1992 she was awarded the Botho Graef Prize by the City of Jena. After her marriage in 1997 and the birth of her daughter in 1998, she was awarded the Art Prize of the City of Augsburg in 1999 for her contribution to the exhibition Hommage à Franz Kafka. As part of the international Sculptors Symposium in 2006, she accepted an invitation to Gwalior in India. In 2007/2008 she accepted the Harmony Art Foundation’s invitation to participate in the International Sculpture & Painting Residency in Knowledge City, Mumbai. In 2011 she received the 1st prize of the 33rd International Hollfelder Art Exhibition.

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