Giuseppe Penone is an Italian artist and sculptor representing the artistic movement Arte Povera. He was born on April 3rd of 1947, in Garessio, Province of Cuneo, Piedmont.

“Penone’s work is characterized by its questioning of man and nature, and by the increasingly assertive beauty of its forms and materials. His sculpture, in touch with questions that overflow, like those of time, of being, of becoming, evokes the Kantian dimension of the infinite and the sublime as beauty in motion and an attempt to define the incernable. Focusing as much on the creative process as on the work, the sculptor identifies with the river, the breath, what is essentially movement and life. Revealing the incessant movement at the heart of the natural cycle which, over time, alters beings and things. Penone seems to embrace the famous Heraclitean adage:  panta rei,  everything flows, nothing stays that way.” –Text extracted from  Breathe Shadow, National School of Fine Arts, Paris 2000.


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