Liquid Calligraphy © Ruslan Khasanov 

Ruslan Khasanov  is a remarkable illustrator and graphic designer from Russia. Born in 1987, Khasanov has gained international recognition for his mind-blowing types, which he creates using unconventional elements such as light reflections. I felt extremely honored when Ruslan generously agreed to compose the word ART  for Art is a Way,  using some of his unique types.

I admire Ruslan’s curiosity and sense of exploration. He has a gift for seeing beyond the obvious. This has allowed him to build a personal language that sets him apart from the crowd.

↑Word ART by Ruslan Kashanov,  exclusively for Art is a Way.

↑This kind of type is one that Rus calls: Sweet Dust. Below you see some of the tools used for generating the amazing resulting images. See the entire alphabet HERE.



↑Word ART by Ruslan Kashanov,  exclusively for Art is a Way.

↑Rus created this type using ink, water and  paper. He had to take thousands of pictures to get the letters right for the complete alphabet, which you can see HERE. Read an interview about the making of this type on Behance.

↑Word ART by Ruslan Kashanov,  exclusively for Art is a Way.

 This striking type was made out of light reflections. See some of the tools used by Rus below ↓

tools for lumen

On behalf of the Art is a Way community I want to thank Ruslan Khasanov for sharing his talent with us. Rus, I cannot wait to enjoy what you will be creating this year. We are  going to stay tuned.



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