Dear friends and family, day 2 of our trip was successful. Here is the report:

After breakfast at the hotel we said good-bye to the place. The man who helped us with the luggage was super nice and friendly and very talkative. He volunteered to share lots of tips about life with us. He said that his good looks were due to riding his bicycle everyday. He’s about to turn 60 but looks more like 50, and he was very proud of it. I felt inspired to get a bicycle when we arrive in NY so instead of 43 I can look 33. 🙂


But as I was thinking about my future bicycle, we discovered a little problem. The chains that someone had installed at the U-Haul place in LA were touching the ground and were turning our car into a mobile firework generator. Those chains were so worn out! Imagine all the sparks that they produced from LA to Las Vegas.

car 2

Here is a closeup ↓


So we had to head to the closest U-Haul to fix this. Someone super nice did it in 10 minutes. Thank you! You can see his leg in the picture below.

No mas problema

The rest of the time we spent it on the road. I was mesmerized by the drops of rain drawing unexpected designs on the windshield. Everything is more interesting when it rains, including the sounds.

rain 2

Then, after it stops raining, you can see the tiny drops on the glass just taking it easy and letting the sun return them back up to the clouds.


The places that we saw on our way to the Grand Canyon were all amazing, quiet, relaxing and inspiring. One of my favorite was the one on the picture below. We stopped the car to take several pictures over there. Once back in the car I decided that if I were an extra terrestrial, I would definitely pick this place for landing.


I would park my ET vehicle here and then I would send my team of robots to explore the area.


So, this is more or less how day 2 of this road trip went for us. Now we’re spending the night at a lodge named: Red Feather Lodge. Tomorrow, meaning today, because I wrote this last night, we will be seeing one of the most amazing places ever: The Grand Canyon. We can’t wait!!

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂

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