I’m starting the week with something  that I find fascinating. It is a beautiful type of  insect that I discovered recently. Psychopsidae is a family of winged insects of the order Neuroptera. They are commonly called silky lacewings. I can spend a long time staring at those amazing wings.

Source ↑         © photo by John Tann 

Source ↑          © photo by shaunwinterton

Source ↑           © photo by Graeme V.

Source ↑         © Queensland Museum

Source ↑ Wing of an unknown species of Psychopsidae.

Also, I discovered a new website while looking for images of  psychopsidaes:  www.drawwing.org I’m sure I will be visiting often. It has lots of images of insect wings. You never know if one day you will need this kind of information for a project.

Have a great Monday!

Elsita 🙂

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