← Positive and negative are directions →

Let’s be careful and choose the road thoughtfully, because our choice becomes a way of life and a habit. I have walked on the positive road for long time now. I can’t even remember when I started doing it. But I’m almost sure that it all started as a way to balance the negativism that I was surrounded by while growing up in Cuba.

This is a little story to illustrate how it works:

I once had to take a bus from Havana to Holguin, in Cuba. It was a long ride, over 12 hours, and the heat was unbearable. Once in the bus, I noticed that we had air conditioner. Yay! I was so happy, air conditioner is very unusual in Cuba. I thought: this ride is going to be heaven.

After an hour or so the air conditioner stopped working. The driver said that he was sorry. I immediately thought: Yay! That is wonderful because air conditioner normally makes me sick.

My boyfriend was mad at me, he thought that I was crazy. How could I be happy about the broken air conditioner? He was grumpy all the way to one of the provinces where the bus stopped. Then, someone was able to make the air conditioning system work again, and I went: Yay! We’re so lucky! Heaven is back! My boyfriend was even more mad, he said that I had a screw loose in my head.

The end of the story is that I had a great experience with and without air conditioner, while my boyfriend had a bad one. The circumstances were exactly the same for both of us, the only difference was our state of mind.

I could tell you so many other stories, similar to this one. The thing is that being positive is like an art. You need to be creative and  have intention in order to find the positive in the negative. If you set up your mind on the positive mode, you will have a better time going through this amazing and bumpy ride called life.

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