Peta Kruger‘s designs come from an eclectic wealth of knowledge. The strong graphic and illustrative aspects come in part from her training as a graphic designer. Based in Adelaide’s JamFactory, Peta also works as an illustrator and this informs her jewellery design. Employing brass allows her to explore a diverse array of influences including Deco and Futurist motifs. Metal is cut, bent and combined in playful and spontaneous ways. Shapes, ideas and a bold use of colour are combined to create forms that are new but carry traces of familiarity, alluding to a past life.” Egetal.com.au

I am so in love with the necklace on the bottom of this post! To see more of Kruger’s work you can visit her Website, and here you can purchase some of her pieces.

Photography © Peta Kruger ↓


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