I am so excited to share this news with you! It is about the digital patterns that will be available on my new shop next week. This is something that I had meant to do for years. So a few months ago I decided that it was time to make it happen. I gave myself the task of designing at least one pattern a day. My goal was not to be fast or to make tons of them, but to make sure that each one was special. I am now proud to announce that I completed 6 collections. Yay!! I will show you one design per collection below:

1. Ten animal patterns. Here you see a bee, but in that collection there is also a cat, a butterfly, a turtle, a mouse, a fox, an elephant, a rabbit, a bird and a monkey.



2. Ten heart patterns. The hearts are really nice. Some of them have animals inside, some have people, and some botanical elements like this one.



3. Ten bird patterns. There are so many birds in my head! I am sure that I will create a second collection with this theme in the future. But this one has 10 variations that I enjoyed so much creating.



4. Ten flower patterns. I created 2 collections of flowers because I kept coming out with new ideas for them.



5. Ten flower patterns. Here is a design from the second collection of flowers.



6. The alphabet. This collection has the 26 letters of the alphabet and it took me a little longer than the rest to create. Because I wanted the letters to be in sync with each other, in case anybody wants to cut a whole word. They are all upper case, but I will create a lower case collection in the future as well.

Letter A by Elsa Mora 1


Below you can see the tutorial that I put together to go with each listing of patterns. It will give you an idea of how the patterns can be used:

1. Print out your pattern on a regular 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.


2. Cut out the excess of paper around the image.


3. Tape the pattern on your paper of choice.


4. Start cutting from the center of the design, and work your way out toward the edges.


5. Congratulations!  Your papercut is now ready to frame or to use in any way you want.


6. To frame the piece yourself, just glue it on the surface of your choice applying 3 or 4 tiny drops of glue. Double-sided tape works very well too. Acid-free glue/tape is best.

*Feel free to sign your piece. I recommend to use pencil. Here is how you could sign it:

Cut by (your name here) Design by Elsa Mora. 

Have fun!


Yay! I am really excited to offer my fellow paper lovers an easy way to get their hands into papercutting.

Now back to work!

Have a wonderful and productive day!

Elsita 🙂


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