Bill and I have something in common, and that is that we don’t waste time going from point A to point B once we know what we want to do. This happened, for instance, when we first met in 2000 in Havana, Cuba. A week or so after that first encounter Bill was back in Havana to spend some more time together as a couple. We both knew that we were meant to be together.


A month later I was with Bill in Vietnam where he was producing this film. The idea was to get to know each other better. A few months after that, we were already in LA, living together. A year or so later we got married. Then we had Natalie. When Natalie was a little over a year old,  we went to see our Dr. to hear what she thought about us having a second baby. She said that we should wait, but we did exactly the opposite. Diego was born 9 months later. We were not getting any younger so time was precious. Why wait when you know what you want?


When Bill and I started thinking about leaving California in order to find a special place in upstate NY, closer to nature, we both said: Let’s do it! The first concrete step was visiting the area, which we did last December. Then we thought about when was going to be the best time to do the move (we are planning for August of 2014), but before that we have to sell our cabin in Idyllwild and our house in LA. The cabin is already for sale and we are now in the process of getting our house in LA ready for sale as well. Yay!!


Big changes, such as moving from one state to another, take tons of planning and work, specially if you need to sell your house before leaving, and if you have young children. Extra work is needed if one of your children has special needs.  And did I mention the cost? There is one million reasons to stay in the comfort zone, but when you have a dream to realize, not even an out-of-state move will stop you. Bill, Natalie, Diego and I are extremely excited about moving to upstate NY.


As Bill and I get less young, we more than ever understand the importance of making sure that we are living the kind of life that we want to live. Los Angeles has been a great place to us, but it is time to move on to the next chapter in our lives. There is nothing more exciting than having something to work for, a project, a plan, a dream to make happen, no matter how small of big the dream is, that is what keeps your soul alive .


So I wrote this post to let you know that I can’t wait to share our dream in progress with you on this blog. It is going to be fun! Dreams are like cakes, they are more fun and enjoyable when we share it with our friends.


Let’s blow the candles and start eating some cake!

Stay tuned.

Elsita 🙂

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