Today I want to tell you about a special couple formed by two super creative filmmakers: Jamie Fraser and Debs Anne from Super Mega Action Plus.

Debd and Jamie small

Jamie is from the North of England, Debs is from the South of Wales. They now live in the centre of London. Jamie and Debs have made films together for 11 years. They have put all their time and energy intro producing other people’s films. But this time they are on a special mission: To produce their own film.

I am sharing their story to spread the word and to support this project, because it is going to be great.


About the film:

OUT LOUD (that’s the name of the movie) asks the most visible human examples of living out loud – musicians, artists, photographers, scientists, writers and other creatively – focussed people – how they live a life they love, for a living. OUT LOUD explores the practice, philosophy and science of being vulnerable, honest, creative, independent and brave.


Below are some of the creative people who Jamie and Debs are interviewing. From left to right: Kevin SecondsDennis LyxzenJonah Matranga and Walter Schreifels.


I asked Debs and Jamie a question: Why do you think that it would be great to make this film happen? 

“We think it might be beneficial (and necessary) to have some conversations about alternative versions of life and society other than the negative ones we encounter through the news and other media. We want to explore what it is to be humans. We think that the full potential of a human life is not just to survive as long as you can, but that we should (and can) experience more joy, create a better world and understand each other more. We’re saying that other options are available, it is possible to have fun and survive, so let’s talk about it.”

small creativity

I also asked Jamie and Debs why they thought that creativity was so important, and I loved their answers:

“We think it’s important to clarify that everyone is creative. Sometimes creativity gets confused with ‘art’, which becomes a problem if people don’t think they are ‘good’ at art, or don’t know how to enjoy it. It’s highly likely that this means they lose out on all the goodness that comes from allowing ourselves to explore ideas and look at things differently.”


“To tell yourself you are not creative is to cut yourself off from a little piece of your super humanness. Everyone has the capability of making or doing something awesome and sharing it with the world. We want our movie to remind as many humans as possible of the things that make them feel excited to be alive so they can do those things and unleash their dazzling potential.”


“Creativity, curiosity, courage and connection are so important because, to us, they are what being fully alive is about. Creativity is not a force that is outside of ourselves—it is ourselves. Creativity is fundamental to, and an embodiment of, being human. Everything that is being human goes into being creative; all our knowledge and experience and thoughts, feelings, problem solving, mess, accuracy, perspective, ideas, hunger etc.”

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I have no doubts that OUT LOUD has every ingredient to be a wonderful and inspiring movie. Let’s make this film happen!

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