I will be listing these 9 brooches on Etsy in the first opportunity today. Bill and I have an important meeting this morning, so my plan is to list them after the meeting. But if you want to reserve any of them, just leave me a comment below with the number of the brooch that you want. The price is $75 each. They are made of paperclay, painted with Acrylic paint. The metal pin on the back is attached with tiny screws. I did something magic with the paperclay that turned it into a very hard material. Don’t worry, I will share the magic secret with you in a separate post.

Have a great day!

Elsita 🙂

UPDATE: The only available brooches now are#3  and  #4, which you can find here on Etsy.

Thanks a lot!

Brooches by Elsa Mora

9 pins copy

1 ↓

pin 4 copy

Brooch 2 by Elsa Mora

2 ↓

pin 7 copy

Brooch 9 by Elsa Mora

3 ↓

pin 8 copy

Brooch 3 by Elsa Mora

4 ↓

pin 9 copy

Brooch 5 by Elsa Mora

5 ↓

pin1 copy

Brooch 1 by Elsa Mora

6 ↓

pin 5 copy

Brooch 6 by Elsa Mora

7 ↓

pin 3 copy

Brooch 4 by Elsa Mora

8 ↓

pin 2 copy

Brooch 7 by Elsa Mora

9 ↓

pin 6 copy

Brooch 8 by Elsa Mora


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