Here are 2 more boxes that I made for the new house (first one is here). Can you guess what I used for the bottom of this round box? Surprise! You can try to guess in the comments. I made the lid out of thick paper board (the one used for book binding). Then I decorated it with acrylic paint.

Box 4 small

I wanted this little one to look like something old found at a flea market.

box 1 small

The bird is an imaginary creature; a mix of a giraffe and an extra large turkey. It doesn’t sound very romantic, but it sounds intriguing. 🙂 I’m planning to use this one for small earrings. What’s the connection between a big bird, a ship, and earrings? Mmm, let me see…

Box 5 small

While I think about the meaning of the first box, let’s take a look at the second one. Made of foam board, covered with paper and painted with acrylic paint. I always apply several layers of acrylic varnish on these boxes for protection. But I didn’t apply varnish on the bottom of the round box because the material there is metal. Yay! I gave you a clue! Did you already guess what I used for the bottom of that box?


Well, this other box with a rectangular shape is for my hair products. I use 2 hair products after I wash my curly roof. Those 2 products are: a drop of Moroccan Oil Treatment (it smells like heaven) and a styling gel which name I can’t even remember right now due to the fact that I’m getting less young every year. Hold down! Something flashed in my brain, it’s called John Master Organics Styling Gel or something like that.


This box will be located in the bathroom. For this one I wanted to paint things related to hair.


The woman in the picture above is wearing  some kind of fancy sausage skirt from Anthropologie, and instead of hands she has combs. I painted combs because I like their shape, but I don’t use them at all. When you have curly hair like me, the only combs that you need are your fingers. If you attempt to use a real comb, then your hair will end up looking like an atomic bomb.


The picture above is another woman with a super stylish top. She needed lots of hair spray to get that look. Very elegant. Then that person turns into another person, see the picture below.


That person’s hair style looks like a crown and it also involved lots of hair spray, I imagine.

bb6 small

I hope that you liked these 2 new boxes. I can’t wait to create some more! But first I have to do other more important things, such as starting to clean our new house. I’m so looking forward to starting my life there!

Happy Friday my friend and have a wonderful weekend!


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