Debra and I drawing small

Debra and I spending some peaceful time together.

Sometimes we go through difficult experiences that have a tremendous impact in our lives. But difficult experiences are also opportunities for learning and growing.  That’s the way I feel after spending the last time with my beloved friend Debra over the weekend.


Hand drawing small

Being by Debra’s side in the last period of her life was sad, but also a blessing, an amazing lesson and a gift. It was something deep that reached my soul in a way that I haven’t experienced before. Looking at death from so close helps you become more human and humble.


Young Debra small

This photograph of my friend captures her beauty. Debra was beautiful inside and out. She gave so much to so many of us.  Many lives were touched by her generosity, her love and her intelligence.  My heart is full of gratitude. Debra was a Lawyer with a natural need to defend the less fortunate. She had a bright career full of accomplishments.


Crysalis 1 small

Our last minutes together were magic, infused with love, good energy and even smiles. Above you see a papercut that I made specially for my friend. The piece represents a woman falling slowly. As I told her, we’re all like leaves that one day will fall from the tree to be part of the Earth again. Debra loved the piece. The transformation of her body reminded me of the delicate and fragile dry leaf that has already fell from the tree. There is beauty in it, even when it’s painful. There is beauty in the way nature prepares us for the end.  Debra and I talked about that openly between tears and smiles.

Debra and I will always be connected. I know that I will see her in the wind, in the birds from my garden, in the smile of my children, in the clouds when I look at the sky, in my studio when I’m creating. I told her that our good-bye wasn’t really a good bye but a “hasta luego” as we say in Spanish. We will see each other not in the physical world which is always limited but in the infinite world of the spirit.

Here is a good bye song for Debra, I know that this would have  make her smile. See you later my friend. Rest in peace.

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