It takes time and a lot of work to make a house feel like home. But I’m getting there. I haven’t stopped being busy ever since we moved to our new farmhouse. One of my favorite things has been turning our basement into a fully functional workshop. In LA we put our power tools in the garage, but I always felt guilty about using them because of the noise. Over here I can make as much noise as I want. So exciting!


I never had a basement before but there is something special about being underground. Down here I feel calm, focused, and inspired. That must be how some small animals feel when they retreat underground during the Winter.


I love the primitive aspect of this room. Even though it’s strong and solid and it has no issues, it isn’t visually perfect. It’s like the inside of a human body. From this place I can see all of our house organs (heater machine, oil tank…), the veins and arteries (wires, pipes…). Here is where the real heart of our house is, literally.


This place reminds me of the houses that I grew up in Cuba. They were ugly but my Mom had her own way to make them beautiful. All it took her was a brush, some paint, and a bit of imagination (plus tons of plastic flowers, she loved them!). As soon as I saw this place I decided that it was going to be my little Cuba. Just like my Mom used to do in the past, I took a brush and started painting on some of the walls.


I also installed lots of new lights. The floor was unfinished when we arrived here (there was just gravel) but our contractor finished it with concrete. Then I painted it with a great water proof material for concrete. A white floor makes such a great difference!


I love power tools! My collection started up in LA. Every time my brother came from Florida to do work in our house, we bought something new. Before I knew it we had a whole collection with the most important tools. Technically, I can build anything with them, such as furniture, frames, boxes… anything.


I can’t wait to see the things that I will create from down here. This will be my second studio, and probably the one where I will spend the most time. The one upstairs is beautiful and perfect, with great views, but sometimes when something is too perfect you feel restricted. You end up worrying more about not staining the rug accidentally (which I already did), than about letting your imagination run wild.


This space has 2 small windows where you can see the backyard. That’s perfect. Sometimes little chipmunks and even birds, look at me from out there. They must be wondering what animal is now living in what it used to be a dark room.


Down here you see my small ceramic kiln. It’s missing the bottom part but I’m planning to put it together soon. We need to install a 220 power outlet for it, and a vent to direct the fumes outside when in use.


Below you can see many more pictures.






I really enjoyed painting the mural below. Those hands will remind me to use mine creatively. For painting this and the other blue flowers, I used these tiny Benjamin Moore paint sample bottles. You can find them almost everywhere where paint is sold. A single bottle goes a long way!





The table down here is an improvisation. I found a set of folding legs in our shed so I placed an old door on top of them and voilà! Now I have a strong support for smaller power tools.



I hope that you enjoyed seeing my basement workshop as much as I enjoy spending time over there. Now back to work!

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂

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